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Santo Domingo is the cultural, financial, political and commercial center of the Dominican Republic. The city attracts many international companies and franchises due to its geographical location and economic stability; The main headquarters or regional offices of these companies are usually also located in Santo Domingo. The city also has the main and oldest port in the country: the Port of Santo Domingo, located on the central south coast, at the mouth of the Ozama River.

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Abr 18

Despite what its name may suggest, it is not a lighthouse to guide sailors, but rather a monument in honor of Christopher Columbus and erected 500 years after his landing on the island. It is a mega structure built in the shape of a Latin cross, although with the vertical shape of a Mayan pyramid. […]

Abr 18

Ten minutes from the cathedral is the Baluarte del Conde, a military bastion that still preserves part of the old wall and is located in the Independence Park. It is also made up of the Gate of Mercy, the Fort of Concepción and the Altar of the Homeland. In addition, this place holds one of […]

Abr 18
Alcazar de Colon

The Alcázar de Colón or Viceroyal Palace of Don Diego Colón is a palace from the beginning of the 16th century, located in the Plaza de España in the Colonial City of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). This construction was built on a lot close to the farallones that look towards the Ozama River; granted to […]

Feb 27
Ozama Fortress

We continue visiting historical buildings in the colonial center of Santo Domingo and this fortress can boast of being the oldest fortification in America. Its location near the sea and the city was completely strategic to defend Santo Domingo from possible attacks by pirates and invaders. The interior is a passageway of tunnels, dungeons and […]

Feb 27
Primate Cathedral of America

The Cathedral of Santo Domingo is not just any cathedral. It is the first Primate Cathedral of America, also called the Church of Santa María de la Encarnación. It was completed in the mid-16th century and was given priority at the request of Charles I of Spain (grandson of the Catholic Monarchs). Today it is […]

Feb 27
Colon Park

We start with one of the most beautiful squares to see in Santo Domingo, Parque Colón. Presiding over the square is the statue of Christopher Columbus with his finger pointing curiously towards the north. This square usually has a lot of atmosphere both day and night. It has bars and restaurants nearby and above all […]